Groundswell Cafe’s dining room is now open!




Groundswell Cafe’s dining room is now open, and will also continue pickup or curbside ordering. The cafe will also be switching to a regular breakfast/lunch menu. Click here to view menu items.



Reopening Groundswell Cafe

May 13, 2020 – A message from Executive Director Clint Twedt-Ball:
This week, Matthew 25 begins the process of reopening. I think it’s important you know what our priorities will be. Our first phase of opening will continue to be no-contact. Groundswell Cafe, the Tool Library and Cultivate Hope Market at the urban farm will begin to operate. Our building will be closed to the general public and employees that are able will continue to work from home. This is our way of dipping our toes in the water at the beach. We are testing things out, but doing all we can to keep everyone safe.
When public health and local numbers show we are ready to take the next step, Matthew 25 will move into a limited-contact phase. The public will be allowed back in our building, within Groundswell Cafe and Coworking, and at our market booth at the urban farm. Masks will be required for anyone within ten feet of someone else. We’ll have extra masks available for anyone who doesn’t have one. And, we’ll have things set up with social distancing expectations.
Of course, what we are all really excited about is to get back to normal. For an organization built on relationships, we can’t wait! But, we will wait. We will wait until we can get back to “normal” safely and make sure we are not doing more harm than good. Thanks for your patience and support along the way. We miss seeing you all.
Grace & Peace,
Matthew 25 Executive Director


Groundswell Cafe Temporarily Closed

March 24, 2020 – A message from Executive Director Clint Twedt-Ball:

It is with heavy hearts that Matthew 25 announces today that Groundswell Cafe, the Tool Library and our offices will be temporarily closed to the public. In our fourteen years of existence, Matthew 25 has grown into an essential community-building and neighborhood revitalization organization in Cedar Rapids. Our strength comes from our face-to-face relationships. So, it is difficult to reach a point where we feel like being with people, even in one-on-one interactions, is putting people at risk.

While we are closed to the public, we will still be engaged. We will be working to support people in our affordable housing units and planning to make Groundswell Cafe, the Tool Library and other programs even stronger in the future. Most of all, we will be listening, praying and discerning. Our history of responding to disasters of all types tells us that if we listen and are open, we will be used for good.

We know the fallout from COVID-19 will be widespread and long-lasting. People will be in crisis and will need Matthew 25 and the community to respond like never before. We also know the Cedar Rapids spirit is great and will rise to the occasion. God will walk with us. Matthew 25 will be part of the silver-lining up ahead. We appreciate your support as we move into the future. Look for more updates from us soon.

Grace & Peace,

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Groundswell Cafe: Carry-Out Orders Only

March 17, 2020 – Groundswell Café is moving to carry-out orders only, starting today. We care deeply about the health and well-being of all in our community and we would like to continue to provide healthy food to all who want it, while still recognizing the need for social distancing at this time. Place your to-go order when you arrive at the café, or call ahead at 319-200-2791.

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Message About Coronavirus

March 13, 2020 – Matthew 25 and Groundswell Café care deeply about the health and well-being of all in our community. We believe strongly that every child of God is precious and loved. During the time of the coronavirus, we think it is important that you know a few ways we are living out our care.

First, Matthew 25 supports all workers with the same benefits, including a generous sick leave policy, regardless of whether they are salaried or hourly. You can take comfort in knowing that no employee needs to come to work when they are sick just so they can pay their bills.

Second, we are balancing people’s need for community with a desire to limit possible spread with extra sanitizing and separating tables in the cafe so people are a little further apart. Our goal is to maintain as much of a feeling of community as possible while also making sure we give people the space they desire.

Finally, we know that food is the medicine we put in our bodies day after day. People that eat well and do all they can to maintain good physical health are more likely to resist things like the coronavirus. This is part of the reason we feel our mission of serving healthy food at the café and teaching area students about growing good food is so important. The healthier we are, the more resilient we are.

As we go through this scary and nervous time in our community, please know that we care and that we are lifting all in the community up in prayer. God has a special care for those who are most vulnerable. Our promise from days of old is that God walks with us through the darkest valleys. May we feel that loving presence now.

– Clint Twedt-Ball, Matthew 25 Executive Director

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The official Groundswell Cafe
Catering Menu is here!


It’s official! Our cafe catering menu has launched and we are accepting orders. Be sure to check out our latest cafe menu for an updated list of current sandwich and salads!

To place an order, call the cafe at 319-200-2791 or email

Click here for the PDF version of the menu.